The Roosterfish is featuring homoerotic art by local gay and gay-friendly artists.  So, check out the works of our featured artist now showing.


We are currently featuring art by...

Tony de Carlo

1955 - 2014


Self-taught artist, Tony de Carlo, passed away recently but, thanks to the assistance of his long-time soul mate Isidro Chavez, the Roosterfish is pleased and proud to feature this posthumous exhibition of just a few of the artist’s wonderfully erotic, colorful, Latin influenced, surrealist works including one from his famous "Adam & Steve" series supporting marriage equality.

Tony's artistic career started as a child when he began sketching a "visual diary" of the sights and scenes around him in his Los Angeles neighborhood.  As an adult, he expanded to painting on wood and canvas. But, his depictions and choice of subject matter continue to tell "stories" of what he sees and feels.  Today, his distinctive works are regularly exhibited in prestigious museums and galleries across the country and adorn collections worldwide.  In addition, his paintings have appeared in and graced the covers of countless magazine and art journals.



Nude Afternoon by Tony de Carlo - Roosterfish Featured Artist
Adam and Steve in Hawaii by Tony de Carlo - Roosterfish Featured Artist
Holy Cow by Tony de Carlo - Roosterfish Featured Artist
Nude Afternoon   Adam and Steve in Hawaii   Holy Cow



Tony is perhaps best known in the LGBT community for a series of paintings featuring Adam and Steve,  The first of these was created in the early 90s as his response to bigoted and homophobic chants that 'God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve.' At the time of his death, Tony had completed more than 20 paintings in the series featuring the now iconic loving gay couple in various locales including several of the states approving marriage equality.  Tony describes the series as his "trying to focus on the love and bond between the two people, instead of the hatred and bigotry of the others."

In addition to his LGBT and erotic works, Tony, who was raised as a devote catholic, is also known for his paintings of the Catholic Saints real and imagined, e.g., San Toupee, San Cannabis, San Chorizo, etc.  His religious themed works often depict their subjects in ways to make a social or political statement.

The Roosterfish will be displaying several of Tony de Carlo's homoerotic works through the end of June, so please come down and check them out.  You can also view other pieces on the Tony de Carlo Art Facebook Page.


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