The Roosterfish is featuring homoerotic art by local gay and gay-friendly artists.  So, check out the works of our featured artist now showing.


We are currently featuring art by...

Sean Platter



Sean Platter earned is bachelor's degree from the University of Illinois - Carbondale in 1984 with specialized studies in graphic arts, illustration, print production, visual communications, photography, computer graphics and conceptual design. Judging by the expressive, often whimsical, instantly communicative nature of Sean's beautifully rendered illustrations, he learned his lessons very well.  And, we're pretty sure his natural raw talent didn't hurt either.






Shortly after graduating, Sean, as he puts it, 'escaped' to Los Angeles from the Midwest. Originally wanting to get into 3D animation, he realized all too quickly that the industry was still a little too small in the mid-eighties to make a comfortable living. So, figuring "What the hell, I can draw," Sean sent of copies of his impressive resume and portfolio to several of the 'Saturday morning' studios, doing traditional 2D animation. Within only a few short months, he landed his first major animation job working on the "He-Man & the Masters of the Universe" animated series and the rest is history!


Now having spent more than two decades in animation and illustration, the diversity of Sean's work is truly amazing.  On the one hand he's worked as an animator on such children's classics as She Ra, White Fang, and All Dogs Go To Heaven all the while doing erotic illustrations for Torso Magazine, In Touch for Men and his own popular and controversial graphic novella DEMONICSEX with writer and creator Chuck Connor.


The Roosterfish will be displaying several of Sean's homoerotic works through the end of April, so please come down and check them out. You can view several of his other pieces on his websites at either or


1302 Abbot Kinney Bl. Venice, CA 90291 Ph 310.392.2123

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