The Roosterfish is featuring homoerotic art by local gay and gay-friendly artists.  So, check out the works of our featured artist now showing.


We are currently featuring art by...

Manuel A. Acevedo



Born and raised in Pico Rivera, in southeastern Los Angeles County, Manuel Acevedo began drawing portraits when he was just 13 years old. Talented even then, Manuel truly began to come in to his own artistically, after graduating from high school, and discovering the West Hollywood gay scene. Relishing the openness the WEHO community simultaneously helped him come to grips with his own sexuality and begin to translate to a freer, more evocative and sensual expression of his art.






Acevedo fully discovered his own personal artistic style however after enrolling in University of San Francisco's Academy of Arts. It was here, he first began to draw sensual male images and particular gay portraits. The artist describes his moment of artistic insight as uncovering a "personal connection" to his work. "I wanted to draw people who were like me and who weren't ashamed to show their sexuality," he says. His work shows that sensual sensibility beautifully. And, it does so drawing heavily on his West Hollywood, San Francisco and Latino cultural.


At first glance, Manuel's works appear to be charcoal drawing. However, closer inspection reveals that the incredibly detailed drawings are made up of thousands, perhaps millions, of tiny small ink or pencil strokes that, in the hands of the talented artist, visually merge to create his uniquely constructed imagery. Though it still may be a while before Manuel's "slash and dash" technique is as well know in the art world as Seurat's Pointillism, the style is nonetheless equally inventive, interesting and intricate.


The style is also apparently incredibly time consuming.  It can take Acevedo more than two years to complete a 3 ft. x 4 ft. drawing. Believe us, and the hundreds of others lucky enough to have seen or own any of Manuel's beautiful pieces...  They're definitely worth the wait!


Manuel shows his work throughout the Los Angeles area, most notably at the ChimMaya Gallery in East Los Angeles. He will also be exhibiting at this years San Francisco Erotic Art Exhibition, September 23-25, during the Folsom Street Fair.  And, of course, the Roosterfish will be displaying several of Manuel Acevedo's homoerotic works through the end of September, so please come down and check them out. You can learn more about Manuel on his FaceBook Page at


1302 Abbot Kinney Bl. Venice, CA 90291 Ph 310.392.2123

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