The Roosterfish is featuring homoerotic art by local gay and gay-friendly artists.  So, check out the works of our featured artist now showing.


We are currently featuring art by...

David Crocker



The Roosterfish is one again proud to once again welcome multi-award winning painter and artist David Crocker.  Inspired by Roosterfish's legendary men's bathroom ceiling collage, David's latest art pieces are made and un-made to show pictorial pleasure built in provocative layers. With the expansive use of mixed media, the visceral intensity and physicality of the images seem to echo back to past sensual encounters.



Works by David Crocker - Roosterfish Featured Artist   David Crocker - Roosterfish Featured Artist   Works by David Crocker - Roosterfish Featured Artist



The artist's use of panels mimics erotic storytelling conjuring the dreamlike unease associated with our own powerful haunting memories of encountering sexual "otherness." Like those memories, David's work depicts acts of secrecy containing elements of surprise, freedom and abandonment; an invitation to intimacy!"


David Crocker's work was perhaps best described by the LA Alternative Press which called it, "dripping with raw emotion and vibrant color!" David received his Bachelor of Fine Arts with honors from Michigan State University, studied painting in Florence, Italy, and was classically trained at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia, PA.


The Roosterfish will be displaying several of David's homoerotic works through the end of December, so please come down and check them out. You can view several of his other pieces on his website at



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